This past week has been hard on Authors

One Beautiful Author,  Doris O’Connor, has passed away from a battle with Cancer. Another Lady that is familiar with the Author community for her beautiful personality and creative swag that Authors could purchase in bulk and give to our Readers and followers. Donna Piecora is in a coma, and not expected to wake from it. Yet another popular Author has announced that she has Breast Cancer..I wish you & all of your families, Blessings, Peace & Healing.

Another Author, one of my favorite Author’s of all time, is Sherrilynn Kenyon. She has an entirely different issue. Her husband, who went to law school while she worked 2-3 jobs, ended up homeless with, shared her success in writing with, is allegedly trying to kill her. He & their children’s tutor allegedly have been tainting her food, slowly poisoning her. This has been doing major destruction to her body. I can only sympathize and feel anger on her behalf. Those two have done their best to destroy her reputation as an Author, and dehumanized her in what ever way they could. I will keep watching the drama unfold, but I certainly wish her Justice & healing.

I am trying to get the Halo 4 book finished before I head to Ferrysburg Ohio in March. That means that you will not be seeing me hanging around Facebook as much for the next month or so. You know the drill, just message me if you want to chat.