The Halo Lodge

I think I am back to the land of Happy Authors!

The Halo Lodge series has been accepted by my Wonderful readers, and I am grateful.  I wanted to write something that empowers women, especially women that had been knocked down, and learn to stand back up on their own, proud and strong.

The story centers around a Hotel- Bar- occassionally used as a working lady’s place of business.  Hilda is the owner of the place, and the Farm, where women who have been abused and used can go to lick their wounds and learn to be strong.  She takes no crap from anyone.  I am also told that she is a bit of a Psycho.  Imagine that. (grinning here)

I am told by some that there are too many characters in the series, but each character has a role, and each character will have a spotlight.  To compare this series to a Soap Opera, would be a fair assessment.  Each book has minimum one couple with an HEA. 

There are Bikers – Thor’s Legion, in particular.  However, the other MC’s Lucifer’s Breed, & The Burning Bastards, get mentions at times too.  Of course – the Swamp Kings are everyone’s favorite MC to villify. 

This series will have other Heroes’ too. A man that is head of a syndicate. is in this next book with Heaven as his Lady.

A Halo Christmas started out as a shorty story.  My plan was to write a novella , – an hour read at the most.  Well, It didn’t happen that way.  The story continuously evolves, and the Characters seem to want to be seen and heard.  What began as a short book, grew into a full length book.  close to 70,000 words. 

In other news, I am gearing up for Christmas!  I do believe that I will ask the Lovely and Talented Elaine Holcomb, to assist me in setting up a give a way. Something truly special. After all, What better way to show people that I appreciate my readers, then to send a few presents? 

Yay!! Excitement is going on here. Doing the “Happy Author” chair dance! Books, Books and More Books Picked me as a winner in their Triple Threat contest!  Please Check them out ! They are wonderful people and amazing to chat with! 


Thank you Books, Books and More Books!

& Thank you Elaine Holcomb for Nominating me ! 

I hope that everyone has a Wonderful family Dinner at Thanksgiving – If you celebrate the Holiday.  Personally, I believe that any excuse to gather with family or friends is a Holiday.  Doesn’t have to be more than 2 people, or one person, the television, and their dog or cat.  Family comes in all walks of life. 

Take Care, Ryder