My Mini Vacation By Ryder Dane:


I spent a few hours seeing houses that my hostess once lived in. (she is a sweety, nice homes, Love her new Condo). She took me to lunch and I enjoyed a delicious Club Sandwich.

We visited her MIL, and I’ve decided that I need to do some serious downsizing. Elderly people seem to go from minimalist to hoarder within a few years. – Yes, I am getting up in age, not elderly yet, but not far enough away from it to feel bullet proof either.

I have a tendency towards being a hoarder, so getting ruthless about possessions will be a chore…But I now have motivation.

I do not want

  1. My kids to have to go through my stuff, shaking their heads at the crazy useless crap that I have accumulated. – Or staring in horror at my underwear drawer containing things that no child, adult or toddler, should be forced to see under any circumstances. Example: Grannie’s Panties.

  2. I do not want strangers that are hired to go through my things. I will not appreciate the Judgments – ir:. Choice of furniture, If towels match the washcloths, rust on the bottom of the vinyl shower curtain,

  3. Cleaning my house after everything is gone. I don’t care who you are, everyone has some certain spots that are forgotten about due to the fact that you have an out of sight, forget to clean spot in their home. (I am a retired Realtor, I’ve seen what lurks under stationary washer and dryer, stove, and fridge, etc) & Let us not forget that spot behind your toilet bowl- under the tank. Uh huh, you get the idea now. Being over the age of bending and easy kneeling, is a problem for elders.

  4. Who else will know who that baby in the stray pictures found scattered throughout the house? You know, like a child’s picture saving a page in your favorite cook book, put there to remind you that this is the kid that likes the secret recipe for your home made cookies. – That ‘Secret ingredient that Mommy’s and Grandmother’s have used for years, cannot be purchased, but you know that is was there.

  5. Placing a value on the kitchen table, pots and pans, Jewelry, – those mismatched towels, dishes that I’ve kept because one of the kids bought them for me. – You name it. Every spatula, Every book, Every item of clothing. Grandmother’s Hand Crochet table cloth, Grandfather’s German silver lighter. The list is almost endless. Who will know the history of the items once I am gone?

I have made a promise to myself.  I will begin weeding through our stuff. The Treasures, the junk, the ….. Memories. I will hold each item, and I will allow it to take me back to the reason that I’ve kept it for so many years.  I will do the judging as to what is worthy of keeping, and worthy of my kids and grand kids to have to filter through.

I Promise to keep you updated on my progress.. Stop laughing, I can do this! It could take a while, But it is a goal !