The New Series Debut

My new Series – HALO LODGE – is finally ready to offer to readers.

Not to give away too many details, but Here are a few characters that you will encounter at the Lodge.

Hilda – Owner of the Halo Lodge

Tough as nails and she is one lady that has secrets.

Heaven – Childhood friend of Hilda’s with certain bad habits

Friendly – Beautiful brunette with a lot of love to offer to the right person

Peanut – Pretty little woman with a big love for one big man

Hop – Prides herself on being independent. Don’t like her? “Fuck you”

Gypsy – Caters to those with “Unusual Needs” and she does it well.

     One thing that you will find in this series is that I refuse to shy away from Adults with some physical challenges.  I refuse to exploit their challenges, but they are included in my stories.  It takes people from all walks of life to tell their story, when that character comes to me and says “Include Me” I do.

I have not retired my MC Clubs Lucifer’s Breed or the Burning Bastards. .. Their stories are not completed.  How could I put an end to the Bikers that walk the line between law abiding, and morally bankrupt?

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life! 

Love , Ryder