Caution::: Christmas Crazy is Practiced Here!!!

I watched my favorite Christmas show of all time “How The Grinch Stole Christmas!!!”

To some people that cartoon is just for kids, but as an adult, I have to say the message is the same.  No matter what is going on in your life.  No matter who you love, who you hate, or what Deity that you believe in.

You can’t stop Christmas from coming. Without boxes and presents, without Holy books or songs.  People Not only Celebrate the Holiday, oh no it means so much more.  The birth of Christ? Certainly.  Worshiping presents and the benefactors that give them, sure.   

But Christmas has evolved over the years into a large number of families to be a time for love.  To reconnect with Grandma, Or Grandpa. Aunts, Uncles, cousins that you couldn’t stand and some that still annoy you.  Nowadays the anonymity and convenience of the internet has put a stop to Family dinners at Grandparents house each month.

The older family members have to adjust to either learning the social media language, or being left with no news of loved ones.  Phone numbers are no longer easily looked up in a phone book, so if the loved one bought a new phone from a different carrier, Grandma is out of luck.  I have even heard of two Adults, with children of their own finding out that their mother had died weeks before, but no one could get in touch to let them know what happened.  

How terrible for that woman, to know in her last minutes, that her children became so wrapped up in their lives that they forgot her existence until it was convenient for them to say hello.  How tragic for the children that always thought that Mom would be there waiting just as she had always been.

Please Call your loved ones, even those that you are not fond of.  mending relationships and changing attitudes can happen.  Parents get old and they hate to be a burden on the children that they would give their last breath to protect or say “I love you” to.  There is no rule that says that you must like that person that you love.  

Love has the ability to slide through in spite of the odds against all reason.  I can hate what you’ve done. I can hate what you do, but in this small corner of my heart, I can still love you. 

Merry Christmas … Love to all. Ryder