Fall Days, Gotta Love them!

I broke down and turned on the heat.  I am not a fan of being cold and I am finding out that some medications help make you cold.  The rain and wind have nothing to do with me shivering, right?

I wear half gloves – fingerless gloves to type when my hands get cold even though it is toasty warm in the writing cave.  A friend of mine gave me this huge green wrap thing that is so soft that I love to touch it.  Anyone who has seen me especially lately, knows that I am far from appearing to be a shivering chihuahua, but I can shiver and shake with the best of them. I should be skinny from the vibrations of my shivering.  I can laugh, but it is true.

Ol’Boy is having withdrawal rides on the bike.  It rained today, so he turned around and came back (not easy to do on this 2 track road) .  The hill 1/3rd of a mile from our house was washed out, and the water was still running.  Fun stuff!

He came into the house this afternoon bitching to high heaven about the cloudy headlight lenses on his supercharged Cougar.  Excuse me?  Fix the damned thing. be happy. smile. What ever.

Since he was so cranky, I was cruel and kind of asked him nicely ( Grinning here) to go for a drive.  The 4×4 will go through just about any terrain so the washed out hill was kind of fun.  Long story short, I can recommend The Magnificent 7 as a good movie to go see. , Not to mention that there is something tasty about movie theater popcorn and an ice cold drink!

Have a good week!  Ryder.