Glass City was a BLAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, That was a fun time !

I was not feeling well but decided that since I had made the commitment that I had to fulfill my promise to show up ! (Not to worry, it is not something that you can catch ! )

I am so very happy that I went.  I met some AMAZING – INSPIRING people October 8.  Stephanie- Gwen- Kim- Jordan———So many wonderful Authors and Readers! 

I did want to say something to my Author / Peers.  I love Bloggers as much as anyone in the industry, they help butter our bread and make us look good . ( Bad at times, but not often.)  I was a bit upset when I heard a reader say that they had been talking to an Author and the woman was mid sentence when a person that said she was a blogger stepped right up and into the conversation- AS IF THE READER- WAS NOT STANDING THERE. 

That was not the bad part, the AUTHOR dropped her attention from the Reader in seconds to kiss the blogger’s ring or whatever.  REALLY ? 

I am not so Ego driven to believe that I feel that I can snub my Readers like that.  Yes, I talk too much to anyone that comes close enough for me to yak to.  I sign my name and am happier than heck to meet Readers , Bloggers,  and Authors.  I’ve never met an Author that was not first a Reader. Pretty certain that I don’t want to meet one either.

Bloggers, I love you too. I appreciate those of you that take the time to read my books. If you feel compelled to write about my work, I thank you for the attention and time that you spend on my book(s). Hit me up with a Message anytime that you have questions or anything else that I can help you with.  We both rely on Readers. They trust your blogs to give them insight to an Author’s book(s).  They trust that We as Authors will give both of you our best. 

Love you all — Ryder