Gearing up for Glass City !!!

This is the 1st event that I’ve planned to go to in an effort to meet some of the most important people in my life.  My fans!

Last year I was worried about being alive to make changes in my life.  This is one of those changes.  I plan to meet people in person as often as I can.  Yes I gained 50 lbs when I quit smoking a year ago.  But you know what? I am alive, and fat or not. I will take my happy ass to Toledo and meet people! 

I have a reveal of my new series and it will be shown in a BIG way!  The newest Lucifer’s Breed – Dutch -book will be on sale October 7th. Unfortunately the paperback copies will not be ready for the event. but the Anthology that I am a lucky part of will be available in paperback. 

I have some goody bags to give away and I can hardly wait to see you all! My table number is 115 so please be sure to stop in and say hello.