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The Halo Lodge

I think I am back to the land of Happy Authors! The Halo Lodge series has been accepted by my Wonderful readers, and I am grateful.  I wanted to write something that empowers women, especially women that had been knocked down, and learn to stand back up on their own, proud and strong. The story […]

My Mini Vacation By Ryder Dane:

  I spent a few hours seeing houses that my hostess once lived in. (she is a sweety, nice homes, Love her new Condo). She took me to lunch and I enjoyed a delicious Club Sandwich. We visited her MIL, and I’ve decided that I need to do some serious downsizing. Elderly people seem to go from […]

The New Series Debut

My new Series – HALO LODGE – is finally ready to offer to readers. Not to give away too many details, but Here are a few characters that you will encounter at the Lodge. Hilda – Owner of the Halo Lodge Tough as nails and she is one lady that has secrets. Heaven – Childhood friend […]

Caution::: Christmas Crazy is Practic...

I watched my favorite Christmas show of all time “How The Grinch Stole Christmas!!!” To some people that cartoon is just for kids, but as an adult, I have to say the message is the same.  No matter what is going on in your life.  No matter who you love, who you hate, or what […]

Fall Days, Gotta Love them!

I broke down and turned on the heat.  I am not a fan of being cold and I am finding out that some medications help make you cold.  The rain and wind have nothing to do with me shivering, right? I wear half gloves – fingerless gloves to type when my hands get cold even […]

Glass City was a BLAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Well, That was a fun time ! I was not feeling well but decided that since I had made the commitment that I had to fulfill my promise to show up ! (Not to worry, it is not something that you can catch ! ) I am so very happy that I went.  I met […]

Gearing up for Glass City !!!

This is the 1st event that I’ve planned to go to in an effort to meet some of the most important people in my life.  My fans! Last year I was worried about being alive to make changes in my life.  This is one of those changes.  I plan to meet people in person as […]

Sharing the info.

I have posted a ‘Ode to” written by an actual patch wearing bad ass. The man and his club sponsor several charitable events in the mid Michigan area, and notably sponsor the Bikers for Books program to help promote literacy in Grade schools. So many people have given me shit over my use of ‘Old […]

It is June and I have fallen behind

I need to find my energy.  It took a hike and left me sitting here looking a a large patch of weeds where my flowers used to thrive. I refuse to complain about the weather because – it’s Michigan.  You know, one extreme weather pattern to another.  If it is not raining at least 2 […]

It’s Summertime!

One thing that you can count on,  a swift ride down the road, almost any road, will blow a bad day into a day made easier by simply being in the wind.  Riding gives you time to think, collect your ideas and let the wind whip the confusion away!  This Memorial Day weekend was just […]