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This past week has been hard on Autho...

One Beautiful Author,  Doris O’Connor, has passed away from a battle with Cancer. Another Lady that is familiar with the Author community for her beautiful personality and creative swag that Authors could purchase in bulk and give to our Readers and followers. Donna Piecora is in a coma, and not expected to wake from it. […]

Updated! Just in time for the New Boo...

Pressley’s book is finished and Halo Lodge #4 is well under way. I am hoping to have it ready for E- Readers early this spring.  I am still working on the Instagram app on my phone. I cannot stop it from trying to post every picture that I take on the blasted phone. Some things […]


Pressley has his story and I couldn’t be happier. Now it is the Editor’s turn to do the HooDoo that they do so well. Yes, I am grinning. Christmas is over for 2018 and saying good bye to this past year is bittersweet. Coffee Nut M&M’s are still my favorite, and Caramel M&M’s I can […]

Rumors are NOT true. I am still writi...

This past year I’ve finally taken some much needed time away from                                              “The Job” I love writing. I love everything about being a Writer. (Blurbs not included) When what you love to do […]

The Halo Lodge

I think I am back to the land of Happy Authors! The Halo Lodge series has been accepted by my Wonderful readers, and I am grateful.  I wanted to write something that empowers women, especially women that had been knocked down, and learn to stand back up on their own, proud and strong. The story […]

My Mini Vacation By Ryder Dane:

  I spent a few hours seeing houses that my hostess once lived in. (she is a sweety, nice homes, Love her new Condo). She took me to lunch and I enjoyed a delicious Club Sandwich. We visited her MIL, and I’ve decided that I need to do some serious downsizing. Elderly people seem to go from […]

The New Series Debut

My new Series – HALO LODGE – is finally ready to offer to readers. Not to give away too many details, but Here are a few characters that you will encounter at the Lodge. Hilda – Owner of the Halo Lodge Tough as nails and she is one lady that has secrets. Heaven – Childhood friend […]

Caution::: Christmas Crazy is Practic...

I watched my favorite Christmas show of all time “How The Grinch Stole Christmas!!!” To some people that cartoon is just for kids, but as an adult, I have to say the message is the same.  No matter what is going on in your life.  No matter who you love, who you hate, or what […]

Fall Days, Gotta Love them!

I broke down and turned on the heat.  I am not a fan of being cold and I am finding out that some medications help make you cold.  The rain and wind have nothing to do with me shivering, right? I wear half gloves – fingerless gloves to type when my hands get cold even […]

Glass City was a BLAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Well, That was a fun time ! I was not feeling well but decided that since I had made the commitment that I had to fulfill my promise to show up ! (Not to worry, it is not something that you can catch ! ) I am so very happy that I went.  I met […]